Just Breathe

A beautiful little film in which children guide us to soothe our bodies and brains through breathing.

We all get into stressed and distressed states for so many reasons. It is absolutely normal and totally unavoidable. Often we try to push down our stress or anger without paying attention to it. This can be very stressful and also leads us into interactions with others that are ‘charged’ with that stressed or angry energy, sometimes or often, leading to more stress because now we are interacting from a charged “fight or flight” state within our body.

One thing I love about this little film is that the children describe the physical sensations that let them know they are angry. They pay attention to their body’s “talk” because something else is needed when the body cues us to stress/distress.  Whenever we are in a distressed state, sensing our heart rate goes up, or we’re breaking out in a sweat, or we hear our selves yelling, our brains and nervous systems are not settled, not balanced, and the best thing we can do for ourselves (and those we are with) is to return to a settled state. Breathing is a powerful way to move toward calming and settling our nervous systems.

The reward for learning to tune-in to your nervous system and those around you can be a greater sense of empowerment within yourself, and connection with those dear to you.