Therapy & Clinical Consultation


In consulting with, and supporting therapists, I repeatedly experience profound respect for the energy, capacity, and commitment my colleagues offer to their clients’ wellbeing. I have easily leaned into the role of feeling supportive, encouraging and protective, always aware of the incredible opportunity that these relationships offer for mutual growth. As therapists, we are specialized in being “other” focused in our caregiving and it is crucial that we have safe connected peer relationships in which we can focus on and get support for the “me” within the “we” of our relationships with our clients.


I offer one on one consultation. You bring your needs, challenges, questions, and goals and we work on them together in a flexible and collaborative way which integrates theory to the degree you are interested.  A rich part of our work can be to use present moment body focussed awareness and reflection to notice and name changes in nervous system states. We can also explore the attachment style of your client as well as the attachment style that you lean toward with different clients. 


The deepest development I have experienced, as well as supported others with, combines consultation with periods of deeper therapy work to integrate the learning in a personal way. It is crucial to pay attention to readiness, safety, and interest, and when it fits, to make use of our relationship to support your integration of implicit energy and narrative from within, increasing harmony amongst parts of self. At their best, consulting relationships are highly integrative, and a more deeply integrated you means a more effective you for Holding Space with your clients.


It is always a good idea for us to engage in strategic self-care activities and relationships that nurture our sense of belonging and support our sense of being alive energized and connected.  It is even more important if you are experiencing symptoms of being triggered, or significantly depleted by your clinical work. We can explore what is happening to you and what you may need. With the load many counsellors/therapists face, this can be a real and significant risk, even for those of us with excellent boundaries and self-care practices.

Transformation occurs only when we remember, breath by breath… To move toward our emotional distress without condemning or justifying our experience”
- Pema Chödron