Parenting through Connection

We work with parents individually, as couples, and in family therapy. Your therapist will form a close working relationship with you, seeking to deeply understand your relationship with your child and to discover and nourish your child's specific needs. We utilize up-to-date attachment and relational neuroscience training to assist parents in relating to their children of any age with a wide range of needs. We currently focus on supporting parents’ relationships with their children rather than working directly with children. 

Most parents we work with, relate to the experience of feeling overwhelmed at times or notice themselves sounding or acting like their parents when interacting with their child in times of stress. The ways our parents were with us has a big impact on our ways of being with our children. However, having a difficult or a traumatic childhood does not exclude parents from having authentic relationships that nourish their children. Research has shown that making sense of your upbringing gives you the perspective and resources you need to more often, bring your best self to your parenting.

  • Recent discoveries in the field of relational neuroscience can make parenting simpler and more rewarding.
  • “Good enough parenting” is actually IDEAL for children’s optimal development.
  • “Good Enough parenting” = being authentic (imperfect) + being willing to repair & reconnect with your child over and over.
  • As a parent, you are the expert on your child.
  • As an ally & resource, your therapist work to help you explore, understand and refine your approach to relating with your child of any age.
“If a community values its children, it must cherish their parents”
John Bowlby